Protecting Today’s Profits With Tomorrow’s Solutions

Whether employing professional commercial drivers, or whether employing professionals whose jobs necessitate driving, companies in today’s insurance and legal environments can ill-afford to take chances with driver safety and compliance.

Transhield understands how Driver Safety Programs, Compliance Programs, and Security Programs directly impact your bottom line. As such, we are able to provide to companies the necessary services to keep employees, and the company’s bottom line, safe.

We provide:
  • Safety Management Services
  • Training & Education Services
  • Insurance & Legal Consulting Services
  • DOT Compliance Services
  • Core Driver Program Services
When you team-up with Transhield, you get more than just a partner in safety. You get credibility you can count on.

Safety Management Services

Whether just starting out or well established, companies benefit from TRANSHIELD Safety Management Services:

  • Customized Company Safety Program Review/Setup
  • Customized Company Policy Development
  • Customized Company Security Program Review/Setup
  • Safe Driver ‘1-800’ Decal Program
  • Customizable Crashield™ Accident Response Kits
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DOT Compliance Services

Consequences of noncompliance with DOT regulations now reach far beyond hefty fines or penalties. TRANSHIELD provides the assistance companies need to ensure smooth continued operations:

  • DOT-Format Compliance Audits
  • Log Audit Program Review/Setup
  • Integrated TransComp™ Program
  • Integrated TranScreen™ Program
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Core™ Driver Program Services

The CORE™ (Comprehensive On-Road Evaluation) Program is a process that evaluates and if necessary, remediates how a driver matches his/her cognitive, attentional, and psychomotor skills with his/her decisionmaking behavior.

  • On-road, standardized assessment of a driver's ability to operate safely.
  • Enables us to understand how to more effectively identify and treat people at higher risk of crash.
  • Takes into account, in a systematic and dynamic way, the types of distracters that we all face as drivers.
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Training & Education Services

TRANSHIELD provides training and education for both managers and drivers alike:

  • Insight Driver Training Classes
  • Customized Driver Safety Meetings
  • Driver Drivecam Review and Coaching
  • Fleet Management Training
  • OSHA-Required Forklift Training
  • The Shield Monthly Driver Newsletter
  • Quarterly Safety Blitz Program
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Insurance & Legal Consulting Services

TRANSHIELD makes certain any company is a quality insured and in the event it becomes necessary, a quality defendant:

  • CSA Reviews & Rankings
  • Risk Management Assessments
  • Expert Witness Reports & Testimony
  • Litigation Support and Consultation
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Transhield understands how Driver Safety, Compliance, and Security Programs directly impact your bottom line.
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