Insurance & Legal Consulting Services

  1. Litigation support and consultation - This assistance does not go directly to a motor carrier or fleet, it instead goes to attorneys who are representing parties in some litigation involving the Transportation Industry. This assistance, provided for either plaintiff or defense ranges from behind-the-scene consultation with the representing attorney to help plan strategy, advise on potential pitfalls, and prepare for examinations of involved parties, to actually being disclosed as an expert witness in a case. Once disclosed, expert witness work can range from simply providing a written expert witness report to actually providing expert witness testimony under oath either in depositions or in trial.
  2. Insurance Consultation - This service is provided for insurers of, or insurance brokers for commercial fleets. This assistance ranges from on-site risk management assessments to evaluations and recommendations of internal loss control measures.
  3. CSA Reviews and Rankings - This customized service allows fleets to view monthly where their CSA data ranks along like companies for competitors.
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